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After becoming a parent, as a stand up comedian, it became increasingly challenging to be out on stage every night. I was then faced to find other streams to express my humor while preserving my passion for comedic writing and acting. I soon found MOMCOMNYC in 2016 to provide that creative outlet. Quickly, I realized that my humor resonated with parents and particularly young mothers and seasoned mothers. My content is a range of memes, inspirational quotes and sketch videos.

Based in NYC for over 17 years and also performing in Vancouver, Canada, where my hometown is, my audience spans all across North America. Being active in building and sustaining a community of mothers and empowering women of all backgrounds has been my primary focus in the past few years. I use humor and connection through live events and engagement on my social media platforms to provide relatable and funny content to my audience.

"New York-based standup comedian Alyce Chan's observations on parenting hit home, and her witty memes will have you rolling in laughter. " - Vogue, India


MomCom, based in New York and founded by stand-up comedian Alyce Chan, is a platform that connects parents through humor and honesty. Through MomCom’s witty and satirical memes to relevant and thoughtfully curated events, MomCom’s mission is to provide a safe, nourishing and fun platform to celebrate and empower mothers of all backgrounds.

The founder of MOMCOM, Alyce Chan, has been actively building and sustaining a community of mothers for years. With her passion for empowering women of all backgrounds, she uses humor and connection through live events and social media engagement to provide relatable and funny content to her audience. Whether you are a mom, a woman, or just looking for a good laugh, MomCom is the perfect platform for you. Join our community today and experience the power of humor and connection!

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From large national brands such as HP, See's Candies to boutique brands that specialize in beauty, sustainability, health and lifestyle (Lunya, PinkMoon, Foria, Aptco and Clearly), Alyce's process is very thoughtful where she first spends time to research to understand your brand. From there, she will conceptualize the story that can be easily translated into a fun campaign in order to convey the brand's message. Alyce's specialty is her comedic writing where she leverages her marketing, film and production expertise along with her comedy into any project.

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116 E 16th St New York, NY 10003

Onika & Alyce’s Night Out

Onika & Alyce’s Night Out! w/ Onika McLean, Alyce

Stamford Comedy Club at Tutti Pazzi

Comedy Show At Stamford Comedy Club

Alyce Chan, a hilarious stand-up comedian known for her

Yuk Yuk's in Surrey, B.C.


Alyce Chan will bring her uproarious humor and unique

PureWow and Airwick V.I.P –

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