About Me

Alyce Chan is a writer, producer and stand-up comedian who performs internationally.

Alyce Chan is a multifaceted talent known as a speaker, writer, producer, and stand-up comedian with a global presence. Her comedy has graced renowned venues such as The Stand and the New York Comedy Club in New York, as well as Yuk Yuk’s in Canada, among others. Her comedic prowess was further underscored when she emerged as a finalist at the esteemed Boston Comedy Festival in May 2023.

Alyce is not only a comedic force but also the creative mind behind MOMCOMNYC, a parenting platform boasting an impressive following of almost 200k devoted fans. 

Vogue even took note of her work, recognizing MOMCOMNYC as the top six funniest parenting Instagram accounts. Her comedic sketches have found a home on platforms like Scary Mommy, PureWow, and TodayParents, showcasing her knack for finding humor in the everyday chaos of parenthood.

Featured On

Alyce’s talents extend beyond the stage and screen, as she’s been featured on prominent media outlets including New York Live, ABC, Hulu, the Drew Barrymore Show, The Tamron Hall Show, and CTV Radio. Her relatable and humorous take on the trials and tribulations of parenthood makes her one of the most approachable and beloved figures in the comedy world.

When she’s not busy crafting comedic content or commanding the stage with her stand-up, Alyce can be found in the real-life role that inspires much of her material – chasing after her kids while trying to salvage a cup of coffee that was once hot.

Alyce Chan’s ability to balance comedy and real-life chaos makes her a standout in the world of entertainment, and her relatable humor resonates with audiences of all kinds.

Join the Fun with Alyce Chan: A Comedy Star on Stage & Online

Alyce Chan’s warm and welcoming personality lights up the stage, creating an exciting atmosphere for anyone who walks in the door. Whether she’s on stage making audiences laugh or behind the scenes managing one of the biggest parenting platforms on social media, she’s sure to bring laughter, joy, and a whole lot of heart.

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